Referral Marketing Platform

Created CJM [as is] for a new user, suggested and prioritized list of insights and potential improvements based on the map
Designed templates for popular types of viral campaigns
Created templates and notification banners for typical user errors
Merged two types of campaign widgets and created a flow of widget embedding
Redesigned flow of sharing campaigns in social networks
Designed system of banners and pop-ups for upsales in every plan when user achievs max quantity of leads on a current plan


Upviral is one of the most popular online platforms for creating and launching viral marketing campaigns. I was responsible for optimizing the complicated process of creating campaigns for new users. On top of that, I improved UX design in the main parts of the interface, helped to decrease user churn, and increased conversion in key points of interaction.

User Observation, UX/UI Design, Prototyping


Product designer





CJM [as is]: what is the first experience of registration and campaign creation in Upviral? Searchig for potential points of growth.

20 campaigns

5 respondents

Tons of hypotheses and insights

New feature 'Campaign Templates' doubled conversion rate

Campaign templates are useful and prefilled campaigns for most often business cases. This feature helps to make a process of campaign creation way more easier, especially for new users how isn't 'pro' in marketing

The process of creating campaigns is too complicated for beginners, how can we make it easier?

Conversion rate


Seven different statuses — seven different issues and pop-ups with detailed instructions on how to fix them. Sometimes it's not possible, but for the majority of cases, it's faster and more effective than waiting for the answers from the support team.

We've analyzed dozens of problem cases, sorted them by problem type, and created a series of pop-ups with instructions on how to solve each type of problem. Then, we added statuses for each lead, and in that case, the user can clearly see what's the problem and how he can possibly fix it.

Support optimization: reducing the number of users' questions about typical autoresponder problems

All leads from campaigns are collected in the table which is integrated with autotesponder (ex. Mailchimp). But, there were lots of troubles with integration. The support team has noticed that 90% of integration problems were due to users entering the wrong data. How can we change that?

Numbers of questions


Insights from CJM-map were turned into dozens of ideas of improving each campaign creation step

Flexible system of notifications with special plan upgrading offers

If user has excedeed number of leads on his current plan, Upviral blocks some features until user change his subscription plan. We tried to make this process more user-friendly with series of special banners and pop-ups.

Based on the last competitive research, the product team decided to restrict the number of leads on each plan. It's not a popular decision, but potentially Upviral could make more money from existing users. What we can offer in this case?
We decided to expand features pool for each plan, so in this case user will buy not only quantity of leads, but also new useful features like custom domains, split-testing and others for his campaigns. We created a friendly reminder about exceeding the limit and also series of pop-ups with additional features.

LTV x1.9

Churn -9,5%

Result in 6 months
Q2: 407$
Q4: 593$
Result in 6 months
Q2: 23,58%
Q4: 14,01%
Q4: 4712
Q2: 2958
Number of created campaigns
Q3: 4.9%
Q2: 2.3%
Conversion rate trial to paying users

CR x2.1%